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Curtain Coming Down on Global Warming Alarmism

John Hinderaker — Powerline — June 8, 2013

The curtain is coming down rapidly on global warming alarmism, as evidence of the AGW theory’s falsity accumulates on nearly a daily basis. Of course, the global warming machine grinds on, like a dead frog whose legs are still kicking. My 10th grade daughter had her last day of school yesterday. A teacher gave her a sheet of instructions on how to lead a “green,” low-carbon summer. The sheet included suggestions like “hitchhike.” Great idea for a 16-year-old girl! Also, don’t have a baby over the summer. Um, don’t worry: she wasn’t planning to. But not for reasons of climate control. Is our world getting stupider all the time, or what?

This chart, via Watts Up With That, sums up the hopelessness of the warmists’ position as well as anything. It charts the various projections generated by the models relied on by the U.N., etc, against actual global temperature data as observed via satellites and balloons. The black line represents the mean of the model projections, the green circles represent the average of four balloon data sets, and the blue squares are the average of two satellite data sets. The chart is set so that the mean model projection intersects with empirical observations in 1979:   To view chart and continue reading, click here….

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One Comment on “Curtain Coming Down on Global Warming Alarmism”

  1. klem June 16, 2013 at 6:47 am #

    Global warming alarmism will always be around, it is as much a religion as anything else. Religions almost never completely die.

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