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Is it just a coincidence that Ontario AND Britain are told in the same week that communities will get more say???

Strange coincidence that Ontario Energy Minister Chiarelli stood in parliament and stated that communities would be given more say in wind projects the very same week that the announcement was made in Britain.  Not only that, but the wind developers will be giving more money to the community for their participation.

Does anyone else think the timing of these two announcements in the same week sounds an awful lot like (as one of our readers put it) a page straight out of the wind weasels handbook?  As soon as there is strong opposition — and growing public awareness — over wind turbines, the EXACT same ‘changes’ are made in two different countries on opposite sides of the world?

From the UK paper — This is Hull — Jon Townend — June 8, 2013

We’ll continue fight to protect landscape

“Following this week’s government announcement, East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight said: “Many local campaigns objecting to an inappropriately sited onshore wind farm have been crushed when, on a planning appeal, local opinion has been over-ridden by a planning inspector giving greater weight to national energy targets.

“The changes mean this is reversed and more weight has to be given to local views.”

The new package of measures will also increase the amount of money communities receive if wind farms are built.”


And from the Ontario paper — Orangeville Citizen — Wes Keller — June 6, 2013

Municipal leaders skeptical of FIT changes

In what appears to be a partial return to the pre-Green Energy Act system, Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli is promising municipalities more power in the siting and approval of large-scale wind farms, and more revenue for those that act as hosts.


Anyone else smell an international con job?

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