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Europe’s failing green energy model has enriched a green elite while plunging millions into fuel poverty

Benny Peiser, Director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation

Frontier Centre: Why did you set up a Global Warming Policy Foundation?

Benny Peiser: Well, it was important because there was simply no debate whatsoever in Britain. At the time when we started in 2009 all parties were completely in agreement. Almost all sections of the media were in complete agreement. We thought this is unhealthy. We thought there needed to be a very vigorous debate and that is the main goal of our organization.

FC: So why has Europe and Britain so strongly embraced the idea of man-made climate change?

BP: It’s not just Britain. It’s all over Europe. The climate change fear has become a collective obsession for a number of reasons. The media hyped it up for obvious reasons, scientists hyped it up and it captured the imagination of vast sections of the society but no one was willing to scrutinize the very basic assumptions of the scare. We thought we had to do both: a) Look very carefully at the claims and the predictions, not so much on the science but more on the kind of claims like what’s going to happen in the future and in particular on the economic costs of the policies that were being promoted and introduced.

FC: You mentioned that the policy involves the largest wealth transfer between the poor and the rich in history during your talk. Can you just expand on that?  Continue reading, here….

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