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Denmark and Ontario….Wind energy follows the same path of corruption and little production

Danish High Court finds that the wind industry has corrupted Denmarks government.

Things Worse than Nuclear — June 20, 2013

Denmark, the flagship for wind power, has shown some cracks in its energy portfolio.  First, it became evident that wind power is too variable or non-productive.  Denmark has an installed capacity of 20% wind power, but it frequently meets as low as 5% of their energy needs, and produces on average not more than 9% of their energy needs (see this study for details).

It costs them when the production is too low, and costs them when it is too high.  That’s right: Denmark has to pay other countries to absorb its overproduction in electricity from wind.  Denmark also has to pay high fees to import electricity from other countries–such as Sweden and Norway’s reliable nuclear or hydropower– when its wind production is too low.  Luckily, Denmark is a small enough country that other countries can absorb its widely varying production and needs, expensive even with only 1/5 of their installed capacity in wind.  This certainly calls into question the feasibility for a large country attempting to implement any significant production from wind.

Now, it has been reported from a Danish High Court judge that the wind power industry has corrupted its typically moral government.  Perhaps no large industry concern is completely free of corruption, but it is certain to be involved when large amounts of money are thrown at technologies which are not ready for reasonable implementation.  See our previous post on different energy industry subsidies and a discussion of Solyndra and U.S. political corruption here.   Continue reading, here…..

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