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Danish Government Dumps Onshore Wind

Citizens’ Task Force on Wind — June 25, 2013

This is worth noting given how the wind industry and their sock puppets at the so called and on-the-take environmental groups in Maine like to cite Denmark as a shining role model of wind power. DONG is 76% owned by the Danish government. “”Every time we were building onshore, the public reacts in a negative way and we had a lot of criticism from neighbours,” said a spokesman for the company. “Now we are putting all our efforts into offshore windfarms.”

DONG Energy today signed an agreement with the Danish energy company SE and the
Danish pension fund PFA under which SE and PFA will acquire DONG Energy’s
Danish onshore wind business.

The aggregate sales price (enterprise value) for the onshore wind business is
DKK 760 million (equivalent to approx. EUR 102 million). The divestment
concerns a total of 272 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 196
megawatt. The turbines are located at approx. 80 different sites in Denmark
with an average operational track record of 16 years. The divestment includes
an early stage development project totalling up to 23 megawatt. The business
includes a Danish organisation consisting of approximately 18 employees, who
will be employed by the purchasing company going forward.   Continue reading, here….

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