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Meaford: We’re not a Willing Host to Wind Turbines

Stephen Vance — Meaford Independent — June 26, 2013

The topic of wind turbines was before Meaford’s council once again. At their June 24 regular meeting, Deputy Mayor Harley Greenfield asked his fellow councillors to endorse a statement to Ontario’s Premier advising that Meaford is not a “willing host” for wind turbine developments.

“Whereas the Premier of Ontario has recently conveyed the Provincial Government’s desire to limit Industrial Wind Turbine (IWT) Projects to communities that are willing hosts,” read the opening paragraph of Greenfield’s resolution, “Whereas municipalities have been denied adequate planning decision-making powers by the Green Energy Act; and research done by the Grey Bruce Health Unit Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Hazel Lynn and Dr. Ian Arra indicates that industrial wind turbines have a definite human annoyance on residents living around and near these structures.”

Greenfield also said that Dr. Lynn has stated that a new review of the health impact of wind turbines indicates that changes need to be made with regard to the locations of wind turbines by increasing setbacks from residential properties beyond the currently mandated 550 metres.

The Deputy Mayor noted that dozens of municipalities across the province have asked for a moratorium on the construction of industrial wind turbines until health concerns and other considerations have been properly studied and addressed.  Continue reading, here….

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