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Wow, look at this. Deleted emails with the Ornge scandal too.

Melanie Anderson — QMI Agency — June 28, 2013

LONDON, Ont. – Ontario officials may have deleted e-mails about the controversial Ornge air ambulance, Health Minister Deb Matthews acknowledged Thursday.

Her comments were made after her ministry turned over 1.5 million documents about Ornge to the public accounts committee, more than 100 boxes in all, but only 19 e-mails.

The government adopted new rules this month to preserve e-mails after the privacy commissioner found government computers had been illegally cleansed of e-mails about the costly moving of two gas plants.

Asked if e-mails about Orange had been deleted last year during the height of controversy there, Matthews said that was possible then — but no longer.

“We have a new protocol,” she told QMI Agency. “The protocols are different (now).”

That’s not the only thing that’s changed. Ornge is expanding its pilot pool by five to better cover holes in service that result from vacancies or absences, officials say.

For much if not all of the month of June, Ornge has been short seven pilots, leaving 73 pilots to cover what was supposed to be a complement of 80. While six pilots have been hired since, they won’t be full trained and ready to fly on their own until mid-July.  Continue reading, here…

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