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Blackouts looming for the UK due to cockamamie Wind Farm schemes which are a total failure

Stephen Pollard — The Express — June 29, 2013

MY first political memory is of darkness.

More specifically it is from the 1973/74 miners’ strike and the then energy secretary Patrick Jenkin imploring the nation to brush our teeth in the dark and save energy.

I thought it was rather funny seeing this strange man on the telly. And the regular blackouts were for a nine-year-old rather enjoyable. When you are nine of course the bigger picture tends not to concern you.

My attitude now, 40 years on, is rather different when confronted with the news that those dark days may return. Fun, it is not.

On Thursday energy regulator Ofgem warned that our energy shortage is fast approaching the point when shops and factories may have to close early to avoid nationwide power cuts.

Last October Ofgem said the risk of blackouts by 2015 was one in 12. That was already pretty alarming.

But this week it explained that the risk has trebled to just one in four, for the very obvious reason that not enough power stations are being built to replace the coal and gas plants that have been closed.

This is a crisis, in other words, entirely of our own making. Both the coalition and the previous Labour government have taken an energy framework that worked and smashed it to destruction with a mallet on the altar of global warming.

To reduce carbon emissions they closed efficient, fully working coal and gas plants. And to make up the loss of power they concocted cockamamie wind farm schemes, which have been a total failure.

And the arguments from Luddites over nuclear power have also kyboshed that other obvious alternative source of energy.  Continue reading, here….

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