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Thar He Blows: Trump Tussles With Scots Over Wind Turbines

Philip Reeves — NPR.org — July 1, 2013

A fierce legal battle is under way in Scotland, involving U.S. tycoon Donald Trump.

At the heart of the wrangle: wind.

Europe is leading the way in generating energy using wind. Huge turbines whir away on the hills and in the seas throughout the continent.

The roots of Trump’s hatred for these turbines can be found, at least in part, in what was once a stretch of rolling dunes and grassland in northeastern Scotland, overlooking the North Sea.

He is spending hundreds of millions creating a resort there.

Last year, he opened its star attraction, a championship golf links.

Now, a second golf course is in the works.

“It will be truly spectacular, and truly beautiful, and the first course has become such a tremendous success,” Trump said during a recent visit.  Continue reading, here…..

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2 Comments on “Thar He Blows: Trump Tussles With Scots Over Wind Turbines”

  1. Dougal Quixote July 1, 2013 at 8:36 am #

    It is this disemination of disengenuous information from a political activist organisation that has little or no interest in wildlife these days that so misleads urbanites in this country and abroad to believe the rhetoric of the windies. Trump has invested in Scotland, knows the Tourist Industry and was lied to and misled by Salmond and his gang. It is of little comfort that Trump was allowed by these vandals to destroy an SSi and SSSI in the name of jobs and envisaged income to Scotland. That his Golf Course does have some support now may muddy the water but for those residents affected he is still the neighbour from Hell. What is certain is that Banks and the WWF have no authority or remit to challenge the legal process embarked upon by trump. In fact such action could be construed as an illegal practice in itself. I think a US radio station should be very careful about making comments especially in light of the forthcoming referendum. The US Diaspora has a very ill-informed and didactic approach to the Union. One US visitor at the Culloden Visitor Centre was most annoyed at the defeat of the Scots in 1746 by the Hannovarian forces and suggested, in all seriousness, that had the Scots asked, the US would have lent them some Tanks! Actually modern Scotland contains as many people of English and Welsh origins as England does Scots. Intermarriage between the two countries is normal and the majority see us as a Union. The wars of the past be it 1716,1745 or 1314 were less about nationality than about the ambitions of one man or, in Bonnie Prince Charlie’s case, his mother(a Polish Countess who desired the Crown of a Catholic England for her son). Never was any scottish/english conflict based on the wishes of the people. Nor is it today!

    • Donna Quixote July 1, 2013 at 9:01 am #

      Thanks for your comment Dougal. It definitely helps those of us not living in Scotland to see a clearer picture.

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