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From Scotland Against Spin — “Let’s Call It Green”

Scotland Against Spin — July 6, 2013

Lets take a technology, spend billions on it,

Pay for it from taxpayers and household bills,

Drive up fuel poverty.

Ignore the carbon footprint of extensive manufacturing per turbine,

Create toxic lakes mining for the rare metals required,

Don’t count the cost of the steel and concrete manufactured,

Don’t count the cost of transportation,

Ignore the lethal gases used in the hydraulics systems,

Gases that slowly leak from the turbines over a period of time.

Dig up the countryside,

Fill it with tons of concrete to plant the steel,

Build them with certain materials which can’t be recycled,

Create turbine-blade mountains or bury them in landfill.

Surround towns and villages with giant steel towers,

Emit massive waves of ultra-sound on a regular basis without knowing the collective impact,

Watch the health of those susceptible become ill.

Chase away the wildlife, explode the bats, kill some birds, disrupt migratory routes,

Create real visual impact for many miles around, noise and shadow flicker, loss of countryside,

Reduce the overall quality of life. Reduce the value of property.

Pay billions in subsidies to big business, PR companies, political agenda’s.


The small voice of an ordinary Scot trying to see past all the spin.

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