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Excellent article written on the Great Green Energy Disaster of Ontario

Natural Exit

Rick Conroy — Wellington Times — July 12, 2013

Somewhere in Don Mills, I expect Premier Kathleen Wynne is quietly giving thanks to an old turtle. And, she is surely secretly praying that more Blanding’s turtles raise their bright yellow chins elsewhere in the province, in clear view of an environmental review tribunal.

For Kathleen Wynne would surely love to back out of the unmitigated disaster her predecessor, Dalton McGuinty, created in Ontario’s energy sector. It was not her mess. But McGuinty’s misguided, arrogant and ultimately economy-wrecking Green Energy Act is tied around her neck.

She must be growing weary of explaining why her government spent the best part of a billion dollars to move two gas-generated electricity plants out of the GTA to Napanee and Sarnia (neither community actually needs the electricity the plants will crank out, so it must be shipped back to Toronto via big new transmission lines). Neither is she thrilled about continuing to justify the construction of wall of sky-scraping industrial wind turbines along Ontario’s shoreline, for no useful purpose. And the crippling cost of electricity bills in the province is now squeezing cash-strapped families and sending manufacturing jobs elsewhere. Or, as in the case of the Ring of Fire mining region, subsidizing electricity costs of manufacturers and processors, with the tab to be picked up by Ontario taxpayers.It was all so pointless.

We didn’t need the electricity. Intermittent electricity (uncontrolled generation from wind and solar) is worse than useless. And Ontario already generates plenty of clean renewable electricity from hydro generating facilities.

Had he left it alone, consumers and businesses in Ontario would be enjoying some of the lowest rates of electricity in North America. We might have used some of the resources wasted on developers and their bankers and lawyers to upgrade and modernize the grid—to improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of our generating sources.

And we might have used the billions still left over to fund research into alternative energy, electricity storage and carbon sequestration, perhaps working to solve the technological problems that will soon topple McGuinty’s green energy house of cards.

But that approach was never one for McGuinty—it was too slow and boring. He imagined himself being hoisted upon the shoulders of grateful population, praised for his green courage and foresight.

And with every bit of resistance he encountered from his own experts, advisors and managers he became more emboldened, more determined to see his dreams come true.

McGuinty was always marching against the advice and experience of his own folks in the business of electricity generation in this province. Worse, he had no qualms about running rough shod over the ministries and agencies whose job it was to protect nature, life, health, the economy or even the electricity grid itself.

Many folks explained, cautioned and warned McGuinty of the consequences of theGreen Energy Act.   Continue reading, here…

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