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It’s Happened Again! Global Warming Expedition Foiled by Ice. You Can’t Fix Stupid.

“This has been the coldest season with the most ice since we started Arctic Watch in 2000. Almost no whales. The NWPassage is still blocked with ice. Some of the bays still have not melted!” John Hinderaker — PowerLine — August 31, 2013 If you want to tempt fate, organize an expedition to one of […]

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Independent appraisals show that properties next to wind facilities lose 25% to 40% of value

Tip o’ the hat to Mary Kay Barton Independent appraiser, Michael McCann, studied properties neighbouring industrial wind turbine fields and produced the following report: Click here to read full appraisal report  

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Anti-wind groups start fighting back against wind industry propaganda with full page ads in local papers.

The following full-page ad was placed by the Friends of Maines Mountains in a local paper.

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Concern grows as studies show wind turbines fail to produce power

New figures showing barely active wind turbines have prompted fears of a rural landscape left scarred by inefficient wind farms Adrian Pearson-Jou — The Journal — August 31, 2013 Campaigners have called for a new era of openness as it emerges some ageing turbines are producing nowhere near the power originally promised. Opponents to wind […]

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UK’s wind farm policy in doubt after grandmother’s UN victory

Rachel Watson — Herald Scotland — August 31, 2013 A SCOTTISH grandmother has won a United Nations victory over the UK Government. Christine Metcalfe, from Argyll, appeared before the UN to argue that the British Government had failed to fully inform the public about the negative effects of wind farms. Mrs Metcalfe, who travelled to […]

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The skeptics were right: Climate changes naturally & these natural changes outweigh any man-made influences

A Pacific Reason Why Global Warming has Stopped The Hockey Schtick — August 30, 2013 An interesting week in climate change science and climate change politics – sometimes a little difficult to distinguish between them! We have a new paper published in Nature which ties the current hiatus in global-warming to cooling in the eastern equatorial pacific, a […]

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Wind facilities being built too close to residential areas because of outdated regulations

Tip o’ the hat to Deborah Pender for this find Uutiset — August 2013 The rules that regulate the construction and zoning for wind power plants has not been updated since the advent in Finland of large industrial units. For example, in Hamina, wind power plants have been found to cause noise problems for local […]

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New video from Russia about the Germany wind energy policy.

This covers everything from shadow flicker, to property devaluation, to the backlash from German citizens. Click to view :  Russian news article

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wind farms are illegal

Originally posted on ScottishSceptic:
I received this from George Lindsay. We now have a situation where the international legal basis for wind non-science disappeared in December when the Kyoto Protocol ceased being legally binding and now the Aarhus committee have ruled the UK is acting illegally. Stand back for wall to wall coverage by the…

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Wind turbines clutter the north German countryside

Steve Goreham — Washington Times — August 28, 2013 Earlier this month, my wife and I toured the scenic German countryside of Schleswig-Holstein. We drove northwest from Hamburg, the largest city in the North German Plain, to St. Peter-Ording, a small resort town on the North Sea. We traversed fields of sheep and cattle, vegetables, […]

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WhaleOil — August 29, 2013 The Green Taliban blight spreads over the world like a cancer.  Hideous wind farms despoil the horizon; inefficient and ugly solar panels carpet the ground, the Amazon forests are levelled and burned so that green troughers can suck up biofuel subsidies and starve the poor. Has there ever been a greater […]

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Health issues dominate Dufferin WP hearing

WES KELLER –Orangeville Citizen — August 29, 2013 The Energy Review Board’s hearing into the Renewable Energy Approval (REA) for Dufferin Wind Power (DWP) is progressing into what observers say will be protracted arguments about health issues, and a war of words is continuing in Melancthon apart from the hearings. Threats to human, animal and plant […]

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Thousands of hectares of carbon-trapping trees chopped down to build wind turbines.

David Coulter — Hexham Courant (UK) — August 28, 2013 The very mention of windfarms sends a cold shiver down the back of those fervently in opposition to their existence. Many complaints are made about the installation of the sky-high turbines, blighting beautiful countryside one of the most frequent ones. Added to the list is […]

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Victims of a massive global warming fraud

Originally posted on FAUXGREEN:
So the Blanding’s Turtle must once again prove that it is in sufficient danger to warrant protection against industrial wind turbines from bestriding and destroying its unique, fragile habitat at Ostrander Point in Prince Edward County. Not only that, the proponents of the proposed wind factory, (Gilead Power) claim in their…

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The Ontario Liberals Legacy — Weeds, windmills and waste

Stephen Skyvington — Hamilton Spectator — August 28, 2013 Mercifully, sometime within the next 12 months, the McWynnety Liberals’ “reign of error” will finally come to an end. Whether Tim Hudak’s PC Party forms the next government or Andrea Horwath’s New Democrats, one way or another, a stake will be driven through the heart of […]

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