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The Involvement of the Mafia in Green Energy has now Spread across Europe, the Americas and Australia.

A new Europol report cites an “emerging trend” of Mafia involvement in the wind and renewable energy industry across Europe, the Americas and Australia. The attraction is clear: huge subsidies, guaranteed markets and prices – and a serious opportunity for money-laundering.


Peter Glover — Trending Central — August 5, 2013

The report Threat Assessment: Italian Organised Crime, describes the activities of a variety of Mafia organised crime groups (OCGs) as both a “clear and present threat to the European Union” and a threat “unparalleled by any other European organised crime group”.

The authors are also at pains to point out that this is a “threat assessment, not a historic study”. It shows how, since the early days of 1920 and 30s shootouts with law enforcement modern crime lords prefer to go ‘legit’, favouring “infiltration in the legal economy”. And that, the study states, is being achieved through “careful investments in particular sectors” and “sophisticated money laundering schemes”.

One industry singled out above others as being targeted is the “alternative or green energy market, for example investments in wind energy farms”.

In particular, the families are finding easy pickings among “generous MS and EU grant and tax subsidies”.  Schemes which, apart from “exploiting eco-friendly incentives for financial gain”, create front companies that enable them “to launder the proceeds of crime via legal business structures”.

According to the report, one of the problems is that OCG’s are “presenting themselves on the market as strong competitors who can afford to operate ‘at a loss’, creating in the long run a situation of quasi-monopoly that undermines the basic principles of the free market”. And it anonymously quotes a “well-known Italian prosecutor” as explaining, “Italian OCGs today are the only EU economic competitors that suffer the opposite problem of all other entrepreneurs: too much money and not enough possibilities of reinvestment.”

“Fat returns”

Mafia involvement in the wind industry was first identified as long ago as 1996 when the so-called “Lord of the Wind”, Vito Nicastri, was convicted of making improper payments of €15 million and bribing public officials in connection with windfarm fraud.Not that that prevented Nicastri from obtaining further licences. In 2010, Nicastri had nearly $2 billion in corporate assets sequestered. These holdings included 43 wind and solar power companies, 100 properties, 66 bank accounts, seven sports cars and luxury yachts.  Continue reading, here…..

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