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Dude, where’s my glacier? Climate Change theories on thin ice.

John Robson — Parliamentary Bureau — August 10, 2013

Hey, where’d my glacier go? It was right here. Must be all that climate change.

No, really. I’m writing in Glacier Bay, a rightly famous beauty spot just west of Skagway (a famed tourist trap but that’s a story for another, duller day). But it seems to be all bay and no glacier.

Those poor little massive annihilating rivers of ice have kind of retreated up the valley. They’re still visible and magnificent. But they aren’t in the bay.

I gather from the brochure that 333 years ago there wasn’t a bay at all, just a broad grassy plain where the illustration suggests the Huna Tlingit stood around naked fishing in Alaskan waters (currently 12 degrees).

Those guys must have been tough as Narwhal tusks. In the pool it’s 27 degrees.

If you’re wondering what I’m doing in Alaska, blame fellow QMI Agency columnist Ezra Levant.

He either wanted me to have a breathtaking scenic adventure or be eaten by a Kodiak bear.

With that smile of his you’re never quite sure.

Anyway, the point is the Tlingit were minding their own business when this huge glacier went “Hey buddy, I need your house” and crushed their entire neighbourhood on its way to the sea.

By 1750 it was sticking out into “Icy Strait” (see “fishing naked” and “tough as Narwhal tusks” above).

Now it’s back where it came from, leaving a gouged-out bay. Darn climate change.

But here’s an inconvenient truth.

By the time George Vancouver visited in 1795, the glacier had already retreated five miles up the gouged-out bay, leaving the Huna Tlingit going, ‘Um didn’t there used to be soil here?’

By 1860 it was another 20 miles or so up the new bay and gaining lack of momentum.  Continue reading, here…..

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