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Germans Grow Skeptical over Shift to Renewables — Mood is Changing to Anger

Deutsche Welle — August 12, 2013

Two years ago, Germany ushered in a new era of energy production, shifting from nuclear and fossil fuel to mainly wind and sun. Though the policy is still supported by most Germans, the moods of many are slowly changing.

Germans have long been known as environmentally conscious people. They separate their garbage for recycling, prefer using public transport or their bicycle to go to work – and, increasingly in recent years, invest in sun and wind to generate their electricity.

In a poll done in January 2012, 61 percent of Germans said they would be willing to pay more for electricity if it were to come from renewable resources. Nuclear energy was condoned by only a small minority.

However, Germany’s green energy revolution appears to be losing steam. Accelerated in 2011 by the nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan, the German government’s shift in energy policy is now facing mounting resistance.

Rising costs undermine support

Wind turbines and solar panels – not in my neighborhood, more and more Germans are saying

One out of two Germans has grown critical of the policy change, according to a recent survey by German pollster Forsa, commissioned by the consumer advocacy group, vzbv.

Even though two-thirds of the population acknowledge the benefits for the environment, some 40 percent disagree with how the government has been handling the transformation to renewables.

They cite rising electricity prices resulting from preferential treatment of renewable energy generators as a main reason for their anger.  Continue reading, here…..

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