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Premier called on to intervene in Melancthon wind war

Chris Halliday — Orangeville Banner — August 14, 2013

Melancthon Mayor Bill Hill is urging Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to step up and address what he labels the “seriously flawed” powers of the Green Energy Act (GEA).

It’s no secret Melancthon council and Dufferin Wind Power Inc., which received approval to operate a 99 MW wind farm in the township and construct a 230 kV transmission line to Amaranth, have a less than amicable relationship.

With Dufferin Wind filing for expropriation, taking the township to court over the storage of wind turbines, and recently applying to have the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) institute a road use agreement, the township has reached a breaking point, Hill said.

“People are incensed by the bullying tactics employed by Dufferin Wind Power Inc.,” Hill wrote in his letter sent to Wynne on Tuesday (Aug. 13).

“The reason they can act that way is because of the flawed Green Energy Act that allows them to steam roll over municipalities and individuals.”

At nearly every turn, Hill contends the Chinese-owned wind power developer has brought the GEA hammer down to get whatever it wants. The mayor is now urging the premier to “intervene” into the situation.

“It does appear your government has chosen to favour foreign owned wind farm developers, over the interest and livelihood of Ontario farmers,” Hill said. “It is imperative that further charges are made.”

Both Wynne and Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli wrote Hill back on Wednesday. In Wynne’s response, the premier assured Hill she had taken note of his concerns, and asked Chiarelli to respond on behalf of the province.

Since Dufferin Wind’s Renewable Energy Approval (REA) issued on June has been appealed to Ontario’s Environmental Tribunal (ERT), Chiarelli declined to comment on the specifics in Hill’s letter.

“This matter is currently being reviewed by the ERT,” Chiarelli wrote to Hill. “It would be inappropriate to comment on the specific issues raised.”   Read full article, here…..

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