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Jim Wiegand: Pay attention because the extinction of species is coming‏

This information from the UK was sent to me by Robert Piller…………………..

“Just go outside and look around the place and compare for yourselves what things were like just a couple of years ago.Take a look at the picture below; it’s like it all over the country right now


The empty wires outside the pub; where, until two years ago, 30-40 Swallows and Martins would have sat.  Checkout the wires in your village.

Remember, these birds don’t leave until early October, they’re just not around any more. So what else has gone by the wayside? Curlews, not a bird you’d necessarily expect to be flying around wind-farms, but why not? Great Bustards are known victims, and again, not a bird you’d necessarily associate with these places, but deaths have been recorded and occurrences are not uncommon.

It has to be asked exactly what has happened to all the Curlews over the past three or four years? And what about the Wimbrels in N. Scotland, they must be having a terrible time. There have been so many cover ups, not least by those you’d think would be on side. And it all began with those infamous murderers at the Center for Alternative Technology at Machynlleth. They were the early pioneers and would have seen these deaths first hand. They knew precisely what the consequences were going to be but instead of working on a different design there and then, they went ahead with what they had and put these deaths down to unfortunate but necessary collateral.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Racketeers and Scammers for Protec-tionism and Bribery more like. An organisation that wilfully and knowingly kills birds under the pretext of protection, bringing a whole new meaning to the term protection racket. We actually have no argument against individual staff members or those working in the field; it’s those decision makers at the top and their rotten to the core elected board members we have very grave misgivings about.

Why have they been allowed to get away with this and why are there no procedures in place for getting rid of such people? There are two vital questions here I think. It’s not as if there aren’t alternative ways of tackling global warming, but no, they go for the most destructive, most intrusive type there is. There needs to far greater accountability; letting those with a bit of power taking over the reigns of entire organisations really is not good enough. And this sort of thing does go on and is not at all uncommon.

All of this isn’t new by the way. Some thirty years ago they were infiltrated by a very corrupt bunch of crooks and this was precisely the reason why bird numbers dropped so dramatically back in the Eighties. The management to this day is as bad, nothing at all has changed there, corporate and government led and almost certainly up to their necks in dodgy deals, handouts and running our wildlife into oblivion.

This latest scam is the final death-nail. Our wildlife simply cannot withstand what’s being metered at them by those who should be affording them the most protection. They know what’s going on, they have the greatest team of experts working for them anywhere but they simply do not care. They won’t even come forward and say we’ll try out this idea of yours.

Are we just going let what’s happening right in front of us continue and do nothing at all is what I ask. If the answer’s no, then what’s to be done? Drag them through the sewers of hell is what I say. They simply cannot be allowed to get away with their genocide, and it is nothing less than that. Eyes wide open and with full know-ledge of the consequences they plan to go ahead with more and more wind. They got away with mass murder back in the Eighties, let’s not let them get away with this. Please forward this article on to anyone who might be interested and then for-ward it on again. Let’s do everything we can to bring them to their knees”.

Jim Wiegand has no affiliations with any business, industry, or groups except Save the Eagles International.   He receives no funding for any of this from any outside source.    His research and articles are his gift to wildlife and an ignorant society.

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