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Letter to the Town of Saugeen Shores by local contractor regarding devastating impact of the CAW turbine


RR# 2, 7839 Hwy. 21, Allenford, ON   N0H 1A0

August 8, 2013


Town of Saugeen Shores

P.O. Box 820,

Port Elgin, ON

N0H 2C0

Dear Sirs/Mesdames:

Re:   CAW Wind Turbine

I am writing asking for your support in requesting the CAW to remove the wind turbine which is currently on their property.

As a Developer in the area, I have had sales in the southwest end of Port Elgin fall through because of noise and health concerns created as a result of the wind turbine running.  I have been advised by real estate agents that people won’t even look at properties at that end of town.  The value of the land and homes in this area has greatly depreciated due to the wind turbine and is making it challenging to recoup the costs of developing land in this area.  This will also impact the Town in the amount of taxes and development fees it will be able to collect.

Homeowners who purchased homes from me in this area and prior to the wind turbine are advising me that they are now suffering from dizziness, vertigo, extreme headaches and vision problems.  People are also suffering from high blood pressure, black spots in their vision, nosebleeds and loss of concentration, among other issues.  Their health had been fine prior to the wind turbine starting up and this is not what they signed up for when they bought their homes.

We have been constructing homes in Port Elgin for many years and this has been the first time our company is opposing something such as this wind turbine.  Click here to continue reading letter…..

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