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The Ontario Liberals Legacy — Weeds, windmills and waste

Stephen Skyvington — Hamilton Spectator — August 28, 2013

Mercifully, sometime within the next 12 months, the McWynnety Liberals’ “reign of error” will finally come to an end. Whether Tim Hudak’s PC Party forms the next government or Andrea Horwath’s New Democrats, one way or another, a stake will be driven through the heart of perhaps the most vile, corrupt and arrogant government in recent memory.

Watching Kathleen Wynne take over from Dalton McGuinty last winter, one couldn’t help but be reminded of Gerald Ford’s first words following the resignation of disgraced president Richard M. Nixon. “Our long national nightmare is over,” Ford said. Unfortunately for Ford, no matter how hard he tried to distance himself from his predecessor, he couldn’t ultimately make the voters forget about the man who was responsible for him finding himself in that impossible position and stuck with a thankless task — replacing the most reviled president in American history.

Knowing Wynne, she likely wasn’t thinking those kind of thoughts when she replaced the equally disgraced Dalton McGuinty. A positive, upbeat person who never met a challenge she didn’t believe she could defeat, Wynne was a bold choice for leader of the Ontario Liberals. She was the one who was going to do politics differently. She was going to engage Ontarians in a dialogue. She was going to change the channel on the gas plant scandal, et cetera, et cetera.

The problem with changing the channel, of course, is that sometimes there’s even worse stuff on the other channels. In Wynne’s case, no matter how hard she tried to divert Ontarians’ attention from her predecessor’s scandals, new ones kept on popping up. The rookie premier quickly discovered you only get one chance to make a first impression. Once the genie is out of the bottle, it’s hard to put the stopper back in.  Continue reading full article, here….

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