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Bad News Piling Up for Germany’s Energiewende

Walter Russell Mead — The American Interest — August 31, 2013

Germany’s “green revolution,” or energiewende, was supposed to be a proof-of-concept for renewable energy policy. The green movement, for its part, holds Germany up as a successful example of how much can be accomplished—how many gigawatts of solar and wind energy capacity can be installed—if governments just ditch dirty fossil fuels and get on the zero-emissions bandwagon.

Unsurprisingly, reality is proving to be more complicated than the green policymakers anticipated. Given current technologies, wind and solar are more expensive energy sources than coal, oil or gas. Germany is propping up renewables with feed-in tariffs, but the costs of this plan are mounting, and Germany’s households and its industry that are footing the bill. Reuters reports:

So attractive are the [Germany’s green energy incentives], or feed-in tariffs, that the rapid expansion of renewable power has driven up the surcharges which fund them and are paid for by consumers. The charge rose by 47 percent this year alone.   Continue reading full article, here…..

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