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Lambton County Council considering joining precedent-setting legal battle over Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Anti-wind turbine activists seek $20,000 commitment from Lambton County council

Barbara Simpson — Sarnia Observer — September 4, 2013

Lambton County is considering joining a potentially precedent-setting legal battle that could impact future wind turbine development in Ontario.

Representatives from several anti-wind turbine groups made an impassioned plea to county council Wednesday, asking them to become involved in a Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms challenge.

Last fall, property owners Shawn and Trisha Drennan sought an injucture to stop further development on the K2 wind farm near their Goderich-area property until the federal government finishes its current study of the potential health impacts of industrial wind turbines.

Members of Safe Wind Energy for All (SWEAR) have sponsored the case and are seeking municipalities to become intervenors in the case, allowing them to possibly benefit from the ruling.

County council was asked for a $20,000 financial commitment to help cover some of the legal costs associated with the case.

Becoming a part of the Charter challenge would be the next step in the county’s support of a moratorium on wind turbine development, local anti-wind activist Ingrid Willemsen told council Wednesday.

The county can expect to see decreasing property values, increasing conflict amongst neighbours and growing healthcare costs if wind turbine development continues to move forward, she noted.

“This has happened elsewhere in Ontario and it will happen here,” she said.

Plympton-Wyoming Mayor Lonny Napper agreed.

“I think it’s time we step up to the government a little bit,” he said, putting a motion on the floor for the county to become an intervenor.   Read full article here……

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