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Township councillor explains why wind turbines are bad idea for Cavan Monaghan

Letter to the Editor — My Kawartha — September 6, 2013

It was with concern and dismay that I read the editorial in

Peterborough This Week on Wed., Sept. 4.

This editorial is filled with inaccurate and misleading statements.

First of all it is hardly fair to compare a nearly 500-foot high wind turbine to a residential dwelling.

The view disturbed by the building of a home is nowhere near the view that is impacted by the erection of a wind turbine.

The fact is that these machines do sound like a jet plan passing overhead. My wife and I visited Wolf Island and pulled the car over to the side of the road near one of the many turbines that have been constructed there.

I rolled down the windows and shut off the car.

My immediate comment was that we would have to wait until the airplane passed over to hear the turbine.

Her response was “there is no airplane.”

We easily get used to an airplane flying over because the sound only lasts for a few seconds, the turbine is constant as long as it is running.

The proponents of wind power claim there is no evidence of property devalution. It is my understanding that on Wolf Island, and likely elsewhere as well, there is no evidence because people have not been able to sell their propery, except possibly to wind turbine companies who will pay market value to make their point and this distorts the facts.

There is also evidence of health risks but the provincial government and the turbine companies refuse to wait for independent studies to determine the extent of those risks.

In many places the setbacks are more than the 550 metres required here and in Europe it is my understanding that wind turbines are being dismantled because they have found they are inefficent.

Mr. Ince stated that his five-turbine project is estimated to cost $30 million, that equates to $6 million per turbine, directly or indirectly.

It is a 20-year FIT contract. No one has been able to answer how this can possibly produce electricity at a reasonable cost. The fact is that they are subsidized with our tax dollars.

The turbines are inefficient because at times of extreme heat and no wind when electricity is needed the most they are not generating and coal plants are put into production to produce the power we need.  That is also the case in times of high winds. There are limits to what wind speeds are adequate to operate the turbines. They are not sustainable.

Certainy forms of alternative energy are needed but there are more efficient methods, like biodigestion which can generate electricity when it is needed and produces usable by-products.

This is far more than a NIMBY approach. There are genuine concerns related to wind turbines and proper studies need to be conducted before spending billions of dollars on something that may well prove to be a huge and costly mistake.

Once they are here it is too late.

Jim Chaplin


Cavan Monaghan

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