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Rolling Stone Attacks Global Warming ‘Deniers’ As Anti-Science, Then Commits Big Scientific Blunder

Alex Epstein — Forbes — September 16, 2013

Last week,  I learned that I had achieved every young musician’s dream–I made a Rolling Stone Top 10 List. Unfortunately, I am no musician and it was no compliment. I was, along with the Koch Brothers and ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, named one of the magazine’s “Global Warming’s Denier Elite.”

“President Obama has vowed to take action to fight global warming,” Rolling Stone says. “Meet the polluters, politicians and propagandists who’ve vowed to stop him.”

Since I’m not a “polluter” (read: productive energy company) or a politician, I guess that makes me a “propagandist denier.”

Here’s the interesting thing, though: I am an outspoken global warming affirmer. I recognize that in the last 150 years the average temperature around the globe has trended upward rather than downward. I recognize that human CO2 emissions make a contribution to warming through the mechanism of the “greenhouse effect.”

Even more interestingly, Rolling Stone cited no evidence of me denying the phenomenon of global warming. Here is their “Denier” summary in its entirety:

Alex Epstein
President and founder, Center for Industrial Progress
The youthful Epstein tours college campuses debating environmentalists and promoting the benefits of oil and coal to modern society; “Fossil Fuels Improve the Planet” was the title of his April talk at Vassar. Recently he termed the Tesla Model S “a coal car” because “the electricity in an ‘electric car’ must come from somewhere – and that somewhere is usually fossil fuels.” And in April, Epstein told a Canadian oil-industry gathering, “Thank you for producing the lifeblood of civilization.”

This entry cites two lectures and one article; in all three, I explicitly acknowledged the phenomenon of global warming. And if you read the work of the rest of the “deniers,” you’ll find that most if not all of them do, too.

The real point of contention is not whether there is some global warming and whether human beings have some climate impact, but a) whether warming is a problem and b) whether fossil fuel energy should be restricted. My answers are a) “No” and b) “No!” As I explained in the column Rolling Stone cited (but may not have read):

Our cultural discussion on “climate change” fixates on whether or not fossil fuels impact the climate. Of course they do—everything does—but the question that matters is whether it is becoming safer or more dangerous. Here, the data is unambiguous—in the last 80 years, as fossil fuels have increased the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere from .03% to all of .04%, we have become 50 times less likely to die because of climate-related causes. Give thanks to the proliferation of climate-protection technology (climate control, sturdy homes, weather satellites, drought-relief convoys, modern agriculture), which are made possible by fossil fuels.

And, as I also explained in the column Rolling Stone cited, not only do fossil fuels make us safer from the climate, they dramatically improve human life across the board.   Read full article, here….

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