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Attention Wind Developers – You may have some WILLING Hosts!!!

Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc.

Niagara Regional Council – September 19, 2013 – Anita Thornton


After a  few hours of uncertainty, the council chambers erupted into  jubilant celebration and angry accusation.  With a vote of 16 Yeas and 11 Nays Tom Rankin and the NRWC lost their attempt to rescind Councils decision to support Wainfleet and West Lincolns “Not a  Willing Host” designation.

Shellie Correia opened her presentation with a rebuttal to Mr. Rankin’s previous council speech. Her points included how the Niagara Region was already the Green Capital of Canada due to the fact that Niagara Falls is the “cheapest and greenest” energy of all while expressing how water spill is occurring to displace the un-needed wind energy being produced in Ontario.  She also expressed how in Germany there are over 700 anti-wind groups, while hundreds more are across Europe.

Shellie and Marianne

Marianne Kidd, from Mothers Against Wind Turbines, focused her presentation on “Why Wind is a BAD deal for the…

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One Comment on “Attention Wind Developers – You may have some WILLING Hosts!!!”

  1. Catherine Mitchell September 21, 2013 at 5:32 am #

    Mayor Sharpe of Welland has been an out spoken supporter of the municipalities of West Lincoln and Wainfleet in their declaration of the “Not a Willing Host Designation. At the Regional Council Meeting in June he spoke up to members of Regional Council. Mayor Sharpe told members of Regional Council that “even though industry related to the manufacture of industrial wind turbine blades was locating in Welland, he would be supporting Wainfleet and West Lincoln in their declaration of “Not a Willing Host” to Industrial Wind Turbines, because DEMOCRACY TRUMPS GREEN ENERGY.
    It was one of the most intelligent comments of the entire evening.

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