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Master Resource: Climate Desperadoes – The Real ‘Deniers’ (part 1)

Paul Driessen — September 23, 2013

“The real climate change ‘deniers’ are the alarmists who deny that natural forces still dominate weather and climate events, and refuse to acknowledge that thousands of scientists do not agree with IPCC proclamations and prescriptions.”

The old saws of climate alarmism getting increasingly desperate and intolerant in the face of contrary theoretical evidence and empirical anomalies.

The ad hominem attacks seem strange. Shouldn’t all good citizens of the earth be buoyed by the fact that yet another Malthusian-like alarm is becoming more and more implausible.

Shrilling, If Not Shilling

Al Gore is in full attack model, employing his “Climate Reality Project” to “Draw the Line on Denial,” even as he laid off 90% of the staff at his “Alliance for Climate Protection.” Greenpeace has joined the fray, launching a “Dealing in Doubt” campaign that blames ExxonMobil for funding the “global warming denial machine.”

ClimateProgress.org blogger Joe Romm faithfully echoes Greenpeace hysterics and blame-casting, even though the climate cataclysm cabal outspends the “deniers” by at least $1,000 to $1, and ExxonMobil hasn’t supported ‘skeptic’ groups for years.

President Obama continues to blame CO2-driven climate warming for tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires and droughts that are at the same level as (or lower than) they have been for many decades. His State Department is orchestrating climate treaties with island nations that contribute perhaps 0.1% of global carbon dioxide emissions – but the treaties could obligate the United States to severe and costly CO2 emission reductions that will drive up energy costs and strangle job creation and economic growth.  Read full article, here….

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