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Jim Wiegand, wildlife biologist — East County Magazine — September 28, 2013

While Altamont Pass operators have been hiding most of their wind turbine mortality with search intervals of 30-90 days, the rest of North American wind farms hide mortality by using search areas that are far too small. By using only 50 meter search areas for their huge new turbines, the wind facility operators can easily hide over 90% of fatalities caused from turbine blade strikes.

The motive is obvious. The more avian bloodshed, the more public outcry. The more outcry, the less money for wind industry players. The more they hide the ecological devastation, the more they mute the outcry and maintain the flow of subsidies for wind power.

The horrendous impacts on bird and bat populations across North America are of little concern to these special interests.

Wind turbine mortality facts

Studies I have examined make it clear that the wind industry has known for more than ten years that the average distance a carcass travels from a wind turbine is about two and a half to three times the length of the wind turbine blades. The industry has also known for years that about 85% of fatalities can be found within a 50-meter search radius around small 100-kW turbines with blades a mere 8-9 meters long. These facts are well documented in the 1998-2003 studies at Altamont Pass based on the locations of hundreds of bird fatalities.

In 2009, the industry reported another similar and supporting statistic. An Altamont study concluded that 95% of all fatalities from these same small turbines could be found within 125 meters from turbine towers. The average size of the approximately 2,500 turbines in the study was 107 kW. The remaining 5% of fatalities is attributed to birds that fly or wander off mortally wounded, after being hit by turbine blades.  Read full article, here…

Jim Wiegand has no affiliations with any business, industry, or groups except Save the Eagles International.   He receives no funding for any of this from any outside source.    His research and articles are his gift to wildlife and an ignorant society.


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  1. 1957chev October 2, 2013 at 8:57 pm #

    We can monitor these turbines ourselves. All it will take is a 24 hr. surveillance camera with infra-red, and a zoom lens. We use this method to catch criminals all the time, and wind weasels are criminals. The truth about the slaughter of our wildlife, should be made public, but it won’t be, unless we do it ourselves! People are forced to have homes and other buildings too close to turbines anyway, let’s use this fact to expose their lies, and the damage they are doing!

  2. 1957chev October 2, 2013 at 8:59 pm #

    Reblogged this on Mothers Against Wind Turbines and commented:
    Let’s expose the wind-weasels for the lying miscreants they are!

  3. Reality check October 3, 2013 at 8:49 am #

    The bird head has its eyes open……..


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