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Now that Global Warming is Dead, environmentalists are gearing up for next scare story

Population Explosion in the 60’s.  Global Cooling and Ozone Layer in the 70’s.  Acid rain in the 80’s.  Global warming in the 90’s.  Next scare will be acid oceans.

P. Gosselin — No Tricks Zone — October 5, 2013

Swiss Journalist Predicts: “Climate Catastrophe Will Soon Be Forgotten” Like All Other Environmental Scare Stories

It’s good to see that there are a few journalists who actually take journalism seriously and question what they are being told. One publication that has been doing a good job on this is Switzerland-based Weltwoche, which has written two pieces about the latest IPCC report. See here and here.

Photo: Alex Reichmuth, Weltwoche.
Hat tip: Reader Kurt Arner

Now Weltwoche follows up with a commentary by veteran journalist Alex Reichmuth, titled: “The Perspiration of Fear” and Climate appearing in the print edition. In it he writes that the alarmist warnings of the IPCC have become a worn-out ritual, having little more than a bounce of a dead cat. Moreover, like all other environmental predictions of doom and gloom made in the past, man-made climate change will also be relegated to the dustbin of history.

IPCC has confused the public

Reichmuth writes that if anything, the climate scientists and the IPCC, in their desperate scramble to explain the unexpected changes in climate science, have been only successful in confusing the public.  Read full article, here…..

Southern Ocean


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