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Crash boom bang

Watts Up With That?

The smart money is starting to abandon the CO2 vessel

Guest essay by Fred F. Mueller

The IPCC and its supporters in the media, in NGO’s and in governments have taken advantage of the issuing of the newly released 5th Assessment Report (AR 5) to mount an all-out PR offensive promoting their view of CO2-induced doom for humanity using any and all news channels and tabloids as pitchmen. Despite growing distrust in the general public, few people have the mettle to stand their ground against such a massive persuasiveness. How can an average citizen acquire the steadfastness to brush off this veil of lies? The answer is simple: follow the money trail.

When confronted with overwhelming “scientific evidence”, one should keep in mind the basic question any criminal investigator learns to ask whenever being confronted with a puzzling case: who is benefitting? In the case of…

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