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Failure to think through consequences of Green Energy Act has hurt Ontario badly

Bruce Stewart — Beacon News (AB) — October 15, 2013

A few years ago, the Liberal Government in Ontario had a big idea. Green energy.

It looked at an automotive sector — the former provincial lynchpin — that was declining year after year even as Ontario had risen to become North America’s largest auto assembler. It looked at the successes in Denmark and Germany at deploying wind and solar technology, and had dreams of a “new economy” powered by, and centred on, green energy technologies.

Former Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty introduced the Green Energy Act.

So in came the Green Energy Act. That act has been blamed for many things that, frankly, aren’t its fault, mostly because only half the job was done.

Manufacturing is leaving Ontario as fast as it can pack up and move. The rapid rise in the cost of electricity is often cited as one of the major causes for this. …

… Of course, with the grid in disarray (and the whole clown car brigade that is the Independent System Operator, Ontario Power Generation, Hydro One, et. al. in the wake of the Harris, Eves, McGuinty and Wynne governments mucking around with something that worked — the only thing any of these did for Ontarians was create many new executive level jobs, and more than a few severance packages) it’s not easy to handle feed-in solutions, which is one of the reasons haste is made slowly to hook up new providers.   To read full article, click here….

Dalton's legacy

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