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Does the liberal caucus know what is really going on?

Eric Jelinski — October 16, 2013

We often uncover examples of mismanagement (an understatement in regard to
recent examples), and then members claim to have no knowledge.   This is a
due diligence e-mail for the Wynne/Horvath government.

There are several key issues and one is  the issue of the hearings of the Environmental Review Tribunals in regard to wind turbines.  There have been many such hearings where experts on the impacts of wind turbines have expressed concerns and pointed to peer reviewed papers written about such impacts; eg. health, noise, flickering lights, too close to airports, property values, stray voltage, and the issues list is indeed long.

Regardless of what concerned citizens have said, the Liberal steam roller
continues out of control approving wind turbine development after
development in spite of having recently announced that the province has
enough electricity!  Why?

It must be very boring for the lawyers for Samsung, WPD, developers, and the
MOE and MNR to sit through lengthy hearings from concerned citizens, just to
have to rule against the citizens’ concerns.  Such rulings I have noted
previously effectively means the government is calling these citizens liars.
A probable ethical dilemma.  I often wondered why…but the answer is here
in the salacious relationships between proponents of wind developers, the
proponents who want to shut down nuclear, and employees of the government,

It takes more than a few moments to absorb this conspiracy theory, but
the writing is on the wall in terms of all the e-mails and RSS feeds issued
by ‘environmentalists’. Please read on.

Enter a new idea by the lawyers, by limiting the number of citizens and
arbitrarily downgrading the credentials of those who speak.

After 5 years of the GEA and all of the world wide experience with wind
turbines, is it possible that the Medical Officer of Health was wrong with
her decree about the 550 metre setback.  Of course it is “possible’.  That
is why there is always room for a second opinion.

Except that the government is acting along-side the proponent in squashing the second opinion coming from knowledgeable people like other doctors and those who are affected by the wind turbines.   The decisions of the ERT are by now so
entrenched in saying that there are no adverse effects, even one admission
that prevents one approval of one wind turbine is an admission that there is
substance to what concerned citizens have been saying.  Folks, we have just
found the invisible wall created by the government and the wind developers
beyond which we are not allowed to tread!

Will the issues go away?  Not, never, ever in a blue moon.  A website has
now been set up as part of the federal health study concerning radiation
emitted from wind turbines,

Many  papers and even books have been written about the adverse effects of
wind turbine noise on health.

Is the continuation of approving the construction of wind turbines a cover
for the MOH?  What was the exact study for the 550 metres? There is ample
information  to find her ruling on the 550 metres has its problems for some
people being more sensitive than others, and given the amplitude modulation
that may occur at high power in the still of the night.  Please interview
the affected people, and especially the people whose properties have been
bought out by the wind turbine developers.

A voluntary moratorium on wind turbines would be ceding defeat and accepting all of the claims.  The cost of making those affected whole would be larger than the gas plant fiasco.

There is the other reason I alluded to earlier.  Since the Liberal clan
screwed up royally on the gas plants, and they should be rightfully booted
out by Horvath.   Why isn’t Horvath giving them the boot?   The Liberals
don’t yet realize they are being held to ransom.  Horvath is saying, ” gi’me
what I want or I’ll dump you.”   You know the rest, the killer always shoots
the victim anyway.

What Horvath wants is wind turbines to shut down nuclear just like in Germany. Damned the high cost of electricity, damned the jobs.   The NDP don’t care about jobs, real jobs.  See the Toronto Star report on interns working for free,

How many people in Ontario do we have doing slave labour thank you to the
Liberals and NDP?  The only issue the NDP are concerned about is to copy
Germany into Ontario.  High electricity costs will spur conservation they
say, but in Germany high prices has lowered the standard of living and
(brought in) energy poverty.  It’s coming to Ontario.

The government has stacked the ERT process to achieve the goal of its lobbyists who will cash in on the FIT rates and screw anybody who gets in the way!

In the above, I suggested the issue may not go away.  I suspect that the
only ending is the end of this government, either the Liberals wake up and
pull the plug asap, or Horvath manages to drag out her blackmail of
this government until the four years is up…mark my words.

Today the Environmental Review Tribunal selects who may speak at their
hearings.  Tomorrow we may find those who are allowed to vote have been
preselected by the same government.  We are on a slippery slope.  Power
corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Science and rational
reason went by the wayside the moment the GEA was created.

I think we have figured out what this Liberal  caucus is doing by a
combination of commission as well as omission. Most of the pieces fit the
puzzle.   Now it is just a matter of spreading the word about the eventual

Eric Jelinski
Stayner, Ontario

(Sent to Liberal and NDP provincial parliament members)

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