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More than 200 vehicles take to Hwy. 402 for mass rally against wind turbines

Chip Martin — London Free Press — October 19, 2013

STRATHROY – Fired up and feisty, farmers angered at Ontario’s growing crop of wind turbines shut down a third of a major Southwestern Ontario trade artery Saturday.

With about 150 vehicles including pickups, massive tractors and other farm machinery – including a manure wagon – the massive convoy with police escort shut down the 30-kilometre mid-section of Hwy. 402 west of Strathroy.

“Premier Wynne, you will learn we are a tough crowd to deal with when we are pissed off,” activist anti-turbine firebrand Esther Wrightman told a post-convoy rally of about 300 in Strathroy.

“We will not be bullied and terrorized any more,” the organizer told the crowd of protesters who endured a steady cold rain.

Wrightman has been waging war against plans for a forest of industrial wind turbines planned for the farmfields west of Strathroy and into Lambton County.

“This is a demonstration of we the people, against we the corporations. Wind companies are strangling rural Ontario.”

Wrightman admitted earlier she was surprised at the strong turnout from as far afield as the Niagara region and Grey County.

“It just shows the anger out there,” she said moments before the convoy took to the highway at Hwy. 402 south of Forest.

OPP escorted the rolling protest and closed the highway’s entrances in the affected section.

“We understand they have a right to express their opinions,” said Const. Kevin Howe, noting police were on hand to ensure public safety. He said no incidents were reported and no one was arrested during the peaceful event.

Signs were everywhere, some rather crude and pointed and others noting 74 municipalities in Ontario have signed on as “unwilling hosts” for new wind turbines as the Liberal government continues to push renewable energy.

“Stop the Rape of Rural Ontario,” “No Means No,” and “The Wynne Scam,” were a few of the more reportable messages.  Continue reading here…..


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