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Appeal of Armow wind project cites health effects, Charter rights

Steven Goetz — Kincardine News — October 28, 2013

Ken and Sharon Kroeplin are appealing the approved Armow Wind project on grounds it poses a serious threat to their health.

If the project goes ahead, one of the Samsung-Pattern turbines will be built within 600 metres of the Kroeplin’s home.

“I am concerned with my health,” said Ken Kroeplin, in an interview Sunday. “There is too much propaganda out there that [industrial wind turbines] don’t cause any health problems.

“That is not true.”

He is worried he will be forced to leave his home like people in the Ripley and Underwood area have, Kroeplin said.

“People are moving out of theIr houses because they can’t live with it,” he said.

The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) approved the 92-turbine, 180 MW project on Oct. 16. The project area covers the northeastern portion of the Municipality of Kincardine from Highway 9 north towards Tiverton.

The Environmental Protection Act allows opponents to appeal approved renewable energy projects to an environmental review tribunal (ERT). Successful appeals must show a project will cause “serious harm to human health,” or “serious and irreversible harm to plant life, animal life or the natural environment.”

The Kroeplins are working on the appeal with HALT, a local anti-wind group, and Falconers LLP law firm.

HALT and Falconers are also involved in two other ERTs: Shawn and Tricia Drennan’s appeal of the K2 Power project south of Lucknow, and Scotty and Jennifer Dixon’s appeal of the St. Columban project near Seaforth.

“We saw [the appeals] as the only way to help people and stop it from happening to anyone else,” said HALT’s Kevin McKee in an interview Friday.

According to McKee, the Kroeplins will make their case on the same grounds as the K2 appeal, which argues the wind project violates the right to “security of the person” under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and has the potential to cause them serious health effects.  Continue reading here…..

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