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Ontario Energy Board Notice Regarding DWP Expropriation

Wind Resistance of Melancthon

Taken from the Ontario Energy Board website: http://www.rds.ontarioenergyboard.ca/webdrawer/webdrawer.dll/webdrawer/rec/409980/view/notice_dufferin%20wind_version%202_unpublished_20130917.PDF

Dufferin Wind Power Inc. has applied to the Ontario Energy Board to expropriate interest in certain lands…..

for the purposes of constructing, operating and maintaining new transmission infrastructure and distribution facilities that will connect DWPI’s planned Dufferin Wind Farm to the provincial power grid. DWPI has negotiated land agreements with some affected landowners, but was not able to do so with all landowners along the entire route. (…so the big bullies that they are….they file to steal the land against the will of the people. These are bully tactics that the communist Chinese, China Longyuan have no problem with.)

DWPI was granted permission to construct the new transmission infrastructure which consists of  approximately 47 km of single circuit 230 kv electricity transmission line and certain associated facilities on July 5, 2013 pursuant to the OEB Decision EB-2012-0365. (The “leave to construct” was…

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