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GO Transit wind turbine producing 91% less power than expected — GEE, what a surprise!!!

Because of new development, the windmill at Lisgar GO station produces less than it takes to power a typical home in Toronto. Marco Chown Oved — Toronto Star — October 25, 2013 A wind turbine pilot project at a GO station in Mississauga, built for $620,000, is producing 91 per cent less electricity than originally […]

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DECC Disappear An Inconvenient Graph!

Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT:
By Paul Homewood   Hats off to Emily Gosden and the Telegraph for spotting this one.   Hat-tip to our Energy Correspondent Emily Gosden for this Department of Energy & Climate Change infographic. It was deleted from this week "because of sensitivities",…

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The Positive Social Benefits of Carbon Dioxide

Viv Forbes — Master Resource — October 24, 2013 “The very real positive externality of inadvertent atmospheric CO2 enrichment must be considered in all studies examining the SCC [social cost of carbon].” – Craig Idso, “The Positive Externalities of Carbon Dioxide: Estimating the Monetary Benefits of Rising Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations on Global Good Production.” Center […]

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Top 10 Reasons to vote for the Liberals in the next provincial election

Steve Skyvington — Northumberland News — October 23, 2013 Hard though it might be to believe, some have suggested I’ve been a little hard on Premier Kathleen Wynne and her band of merry men and women. In fact, one long-time Liberal supporter said I’m so partisan, I couldn’t even come up with one reason to […]

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Excellent local article: Green energy not playing the role it was meant to

Tracey Hinchberger — Kincardine News — October 22, 2013 Is this what “green energy” is supposed to look like? This is a question I keep asking myself, and would like to pose to Premier Kathleen Wynne and Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli. As a writer of an environment-themed column I should be pleased to see […]

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Rural Ontario Takes it to the Streets

Taking it to the streets… Peter Epp — QMI Agency — October 22, 2013 Last Saturday’s anti-turbine demonstration on Highway 402 was the logical result of the Ontario government’s refusal – through its Green Energy Act – to permit local residents and their elected municipal councils the opportunity to make a decision about the location […]

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Dufferin County questions Liberals need for more wind farms when Ontario has a surplus of energy

Bill Tremblay — Orangeville Banner — October 21, 2013 If you can cancel gas plants, you can cancel wind farms.  That’s Dufferin County’s message to Premier Kathleen Wynne. On  Oct. 10 county council approved a motion to call upon the premier to terminate all contracts with wind power generators that are not connected to Ontario’s power […]

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Another “insulting” announcement to Ontario citizens from our “Dear Leader” Wynne!

Originally posted on The Big Green Lie:
A day doesn’t go by that the citizens of Ontario don’t have to suffer “salt in their wounds” from a disrespectful and dysfunctional Government! It’s bad enough to have to endure this manic excuse for a leadership propped up by an ideological NDP gang of fools but the…

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The Great American Wind Power Fraud

Both wind and solar are unreliable sources of energy and produce so little as to lack any justification for their existence. Alan Caruba — Canada Free Press — October 21, 2013 In July the Fairhaven, Massachusetts Board of Health voted to shut down the town’s two wind turbines at night between 7 p.m. and 7 […]

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‘Wind Turbine Syndrome’ Blamed for Mysterious Symptoms in Cape Cod Town

Susan Donaldson James — ABC News — October 21, 2013 Sue Hobart, a bridal florist from Massachusetts, couldn’t understand why she suddenly developed headaches, ringing in her ears, insomnia and dizziness to the point of falling “flat on my face” in the driveway. “I thought I was just getting older and tired,” said the 57-year-old […]

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The outrageous lies about CO2

Originally posted on NO MORE LIES !:
Above cartoon: courtesy of The Spectator We have been brainwashed about carbon dioxide Some scientists were handsomely paid for decades to vilify this useful gas. Many others, directly or indirectly dependent from governments, supported the official line so as not to harm their careers. This way, over-endebted governments would…

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From the UK: More anti-turbine residents unite! Cornwall Demonstration

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Europe: The New Dark Continent

Wall Street Journal — October 16, 2013 Before the Obama Administration marches America to renewable-energy nirvana, it may want to inspect what success looks like in Europe. The Continent is much closer than the U.S. to realizing its dream of replacing carbon energy sources with wind and solar, and the dream is starting to look […]

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Wynne: “Anyone can be Premier” ROFLOL — Ain’t that the truth!!!

Crooks, liars, thieves, you name it, they can be Premier of Ontario. Wynne to women’s summit: anyone can be premier

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Pictures from todays Hwy. 402 anti-turbine protest


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