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France: Truckers disrupt traffic in Green Tax revolt

Euronews — November 30, 2013 Truckers have been disrupting traffic on major roads across France to demand that a planned green tax be buried once and for all. Partial roadblocks were set up around several cities with organisers saying 4,500 lorries were involved. After earlier protests, the government suspended the so-called ‘eco-tax’ on heavy road transport. But […]

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Letter to Wynne, Chiarelli, Horwath, Hudak, Macleod and Thompson

This is the letter we’ve sent to the above mentioned MPP’s.  If you want to share your letter with us, we will be glad to post it on Quixotes. ********************************** (Dated November 29, 2013) My household has always been highly energy conscientious.  For years we have been staunch supporters of conservation.  At present, all of […]

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Wind energy tears communities apart, but price will be the decider on its future

Western Morning News — November 30, 2013 Wind, a debate in the Westcountry heard yesterday, should be regarded as a new crop for farmers to harvest. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, better known for his cookery than his commitment to renewable energy but a campaigner on behalf on the rural community as a whole, wants a new approach […]

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Oregon: Water and Electric Board sues over wind power

The utility has too much power and wants to limit how much it buys from a wind farm Christian Wihtol — The Register-Guard — November 30, 2013 A decade after eagerly signing a long-term contract to buy power from an Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington wind farm, the Eugene Water & Electric Board is now […]

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UK: Wind farms make no economic or practical sense

Dealing a blow to the taxpayer John Black — The Southern Reporter (UK) — November 29, 2013 Wind farms were inflicted on Britain by Tony Blair in one of his evangelical insights – and this myth was sustained by the SNP Government with its target of 100 per cent renewables by 2020.   Wind farms […]

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The EU wants to spend $7 TRillion on projects that do nothing to fight climate change

The EU proposes spending that much on projects that will barely reduce temperatures or lower sea levels. Bjorn Lomborg — Project Syndicate — November 29, 2013 Today’s policies to combat climate change cost much more than the benefits they produce. Unfortunately, bad political choices often make these policies even less cost-effective. Consider the European Union’s 20-20 […]

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Wind Energy: Examining the Cost

Willem Post — The Energy Collective — November 29, 2013 Various promoters maintain the cost of wind energy is competitive with other sources of energy. As shown below, this is not the case. The EIA calculates the levelized cost of NEW onshore wind turbine plants place in service in 2018, capacity factor 0.34, 30-yr life, […]

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Parker Gallant hits a nerve: people donate to export the Liberal government

Originally posted on WIND CONCERNS ONTARIO: On Wordpress:
November 27, 2013 The Honourable Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Energy, Dear Minister: I don’t mean to be a pain in the you know where, but I have sent you four letters and so far you haven’t responded to any of them. I know you are busy (I…

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Liberal’s totally “screwed up our electricity system” YET “won’t stop screwing it over”!!!

Originally posted on The Big Green Lie:
When a child gets caught doing something wrong, and we all have, they usually STOP doing it! When an adult gets caught breaking the law and gets caught, they usually STOP breaking the law by being locked up or heavily fined. BUT, when a politician screws something up…

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Kathleen Wynne And Al Gore Celebrate As Ontario Enters A Green Disaster

Terry Green — Canadian Awareness Network — November 26, 2013 On Thursday Premier Kathleen Wynne and “inventor of the internet” Al Gore celebrated, as Wynne announced the closure of Ontario’s coal-burning Lambton and Atikokan facilities ahead of schedule, and the upcoming closure of the Nanticoke Generating Station – the largest coal plant in North America. […]

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Friends of Science: “Renewables are not so doable”

The Digital Journal — November 26, 2013 The global warming and climate science review organization Friends of Science released a report entitled “Renewable is Not So Doable“, calling on the City of Calgary to rescind its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction plan. The city’s plan was developed by the Pembina Institute, a renewable energy think-tank, and […]

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Ontario Federation of Agriculture Tables Motions Against Wind Turbines and their Impacts

Thanks to Bill Palmer for this bit from the OFA website. From the OFA Website, list of resolutions for this year’s annual meeting. These are to be voted on tomorrow morning, according to the schedule. Have to wait to see how they turn out. Lambton Wind Turbine Standing WHEREAS wind energy has been a very […]

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UK: Energy Row Erupts as Winter Death Toll spirals 29% to 31,000 people

Steve Hawkes — The Telegrapher — November 26, 2013 Campaigners say Government should be “ashamed” as official figures reveal   thousands of over 75 year-olds perished in Britain during the coldest winter for nearly 50 years. Campaigners launched a blistering attack on Ministers as official figures  revealed winter deaths spiralled 29 per cent to 31,000 last year […]

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Behind the windfarm scenes

Bishop Hill — November 26, 2013 Readers may remember Gordon Hughes’ report about the lifetimes of real-world industrial wind turbines and the finding that this is much shorter than assumed in government cost projections. The reasons for the short lifetimes centre on wear and tear on the turbine blades and on the gearboxes. In that […]

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Green Energy: The Rotary Dial Phone of the Future

Rita Noon — Townhall Finance — November 24, 2013 The whole idea of green energy—renewable resources—grew out of an energy reality that was much different from today’s. It was in the 1970s, following the OPEC Oil Embargo that solar panels began popping up on rooftops and “gasohol” subsidies were enacted. It was believed that green […]

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