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Climate change may drive us all to live in floating cities

You gotta read this.  Try not to laugh too hard.  


Minority Report predicted personalized ads. Scandalpredicted Edward Snowden. Now 1995’s Waterworld could come true, at least sort of, according to the BBC. WHO IN HOLLYWOOD IS PSYCHIC?! (And can they tell me what I will have for dinner tomorrow? Because I am seriously out of groceries.)

Writes the BBC:

Though scientists aren’t predicting sea-level rises of the magnitude seen in Waterworld — hundreds of feet thanks to melting polar ice caps — we may have to plan for a world with much higher sea levels …

[Several groups are] researching technologies that could help create floating cities, or “seasteads,” which become innovative models of sustainability and peaceful cooperation.

We see signs that a “blue revolution” in ocean harvesting technology is underway, suggesting floating cities can’t be far off.

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