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EU Climate Commissar Hedegaard admits it’s all coming apart

Tony Aardvark — November 10, 2013

Later today the 19th UN Climate Circus will begin in Warsaw, Poland.


Expectations are low for the outcome of COP19, in a change from previous years where high expectations have been dashed continually, a new tactic of low expectation has appeared where the only way is up.

Most of the major players in the Great Man Made Global Warming boondoggle are aware that it’s all coming apart now, and no one is more aware of this than EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard who is hoping against hope, that the UK will continue to play a strong role in the collective dream of Green economic suicide.

The UK must continue to show leadership on green issues if crunch negotiations to tackle climate change are to be successful, Europe’s climate chief has warned.

On the eve of crucial international talks in Warsaw on tackling climate change, deep rifts within the coalition over environmental policies, including David Cameron’s pledge to review green levies on energy bills, have left confusion and ill-feeling over the core policy. Nick Clegg warned on Thursday: “The green consensus across the political parties is, I’m afraid, falling away – and at the worst possible time.”  Continue reading, here…..

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