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Wisconsin Bill would make it easier to sue wind farms

Dan Haugen — Midwest Energy News — November 14, 2013

Wisconsin legislators are scheduled to take up a bill next week that would make it easier for people to sue for perceived health symptoms and property value impacts they attribute to wind turbines.

Under the proposal, anyone living within 1.5 miles of a wind turbine could sue for damages related to physical or emotional suffering, loss of property value, moving expenses, or lost profits, and the wind farm owner or operator would be forced to pick up the tab for the plaintiffs’ attorney fees.

It would also prohibit as a defense the fact that a project has already been legally permitted to operate by the state or a local government.

Opponents say the bill (SB167), if passed, would effectively put an end to wind development in Wisconsin and potentially drive up electricity rates in the state.

“The real intention of this is to kill wind [energy] in Wisconsin, and I would say it would do that,” said Joe Sullivan, regional policy manager for Wind on the Wires, a nonprofit that advocates for policies that support wind energy and transmission development.

‘Creating liability’

The bill was introduced in April by Sen. Frank Lasee, a Green Bay-area Republican with a long history of introducing legislation aimed at restricting wind farms.

Wind energy supporters had previously dismissed his latest lob at the industry as too extreme to gain traction even in Wisconsin’s conservative, Republican-dominated legislature. The bill stands in contrast to the majority party’s recent priority of tort reform that makes suing businesses in the state more difficult.

While no one is predicting it will pass, opponents say anything is possible now that Senate leaders have scheduled a public hearing for the bill.

“I think it’s real enough that I’m going down to Madison,” said Sullivan, who is based in St. Paul.

Other groups lining up to oppose the bill include the American Wind Energy Association, NextEra Energy, the Sierra Club, RENEW Wisconsin, the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, and the Wisconsin Utilities Association.  Continue reading, here……


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4 Comments on “Wisconsin Bill would make it easier to sue wind farms”

  1. 1957chev November 15, 2013 at 3:52 pm #

    Run windweasels, run. Pretty soon everyone will catch on to your lies and propaganda! Take your useless machines, and get the hell out of Dodge!


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