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Letter to Wynne, Chiarelli, Horwath, Hudak, Macleod and Thompson

This is the letter we’ve sent to the above mentioned MPP’s.  If you want to share your letter with us, we will be glad to post it on Quixotes.


(Dated November 29, 2013)

My household has always been highly energy conscientious.  For years we have been staunch supporters of conservation.  At present, all of our children are grown and out of the house.  There is just the two of us left.
We hang up our clothes to dry — summer and winter.
We don’t use an automatic dishwasher.  We don’t have an air conditioner.  We unplug any electrical item that is not being used…..coffee maker, dvd player, cable box, radios, microwave and even the computer.
We have switched our method of cooking from roasting/baking to stovetop (a lot of stir-frys), because it’s faster and uses less energy.  If possible we use the microwave for things like baked potatoes etc.  The oven has become a luxury and is only used on holidays like Christmas and Easter.
We got rid of our electrical heating and installed an energy efficient gas furnace a few years ago.  An energy audit of our home at the time showed that our house is very energy efficient…..good windows and insulation, etc.
Even so, our thermostat rarely goes higher than 61F and at night it goes down to 58F.  If we’re cold, we throw on an extra sweater or blanket.
Showers are limited to 6 minutes.  We don’t use hair dryers or curling irons.
We’ve replaced all the incandescent light bulbs with those twirly things that don’t give off enough light to read by because they fade with time.  By the way, we weren’t warned that those things contain lethal mercury and if broken, extreme measures have to be taken to clean up the debris.
We don’t use lights at night, except to cross a room to make sure we don’t bump into furniture.  If we’re staying in the room, the lights are off, except if we’re trying to read.  Otherwise, we watch tv in the dark, work on the computer in the dark, talk on the phone in the dark.  People tell us all the time that they can’t tell if we’re ever home at night, because they never see a light on in our house.
We don’t use outdoor lighting or Christmas lights.
Yet STILL our hydro bills continue to rise.  We currently pay roughly $140 per month, compared to $60 about 6 years ago.
I would like Ms. Wynne and Mr. Chiarelli to tell us what else we can possibly do to bring our hydro bill down and I also want to know if they can claim that they are as stringent in their hydro usage as my family is.  Do they practice what they preach?  Perhaps disclosure of their personal home hydro bills would be enlightening.
I’d like to know why the Liberal government is continuing to approve the construction of industrial wind turbines, when we’re already paying the United States to take our excess power off our hands AND paying wind companies NOT to produce power, because Ontario is in a surplus situation with energy.
I’d like to know how long Ms. Horwath and the NDP will continue to prop up this provincial government and their devastating energy policies.  Both the NDP and the Liberals proclaim to be champions of the poor.  Their actions are certainly speaking louder than words and right now they’re saying they don’t give a damn about that segment of Ontario.
Or are you just “let-them-eat-cake” Marie Antoinette-type hypocrites?   We all know how well that attitude worked for poor Marie.
How in the world are seniors, the disabled and the poor expected to handle these insane electricity rates?  Do you consider them at all as you sit in your heated, cushy offices at Queen’s Park coming up with ridiculous policies that hurt the poor and low income families the hardest?  Or is your main concern keeping the unions happy at the expense of the rest of Ontarians?
Fortunately my husband and I still work and are not in any of the above mentioned groups, but retirement is only 10 years away.  We are currently counselling our children to get the hell out of this province and move west.  It bothers me a lot when I look at my 3-month-old grandsons face and realize that he AND HIS children are going to have to pay for this Liberal lunacy if he grows up here.
I would like a personal reply and NOT an automated response from your office.  I’m sure you’re getting lots of letters about this issue, but it’s serious enough that you should be taking the time to respond.

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3 Comments on “Letter to Wynne, Chiarelli, Horwath, Hudak, Macleod and Thompson”

  1. Lynn Ayres November 30, 2013 at 4:00 pm #

    On CBC Radio this week, the noon show, there was a guest who was addressing the concerns of rising electricity bills. His name escapes me at the moment, even who he was. (It wasn’t Chiarelli – he was the guest the next day.) Anyway, I listened with fury. We too have done much to reduce our consumption. And frankly I’m sick and tired of doing all laundry on weekends and using the oven to cook multiple meals for the week. And then we reheat them in a toaster oven…things like that, much like everyone else. We have changed the way we live about a million ways as well.

    Basically in addressing the issue of rising bills the gentleman said that while Ontario Hydro and other electrical companies are quite aware that people are reducing consumption but since Hydro has “fixed contracts” to pay, they have to increase the cost of electricity. Well, no news there and I’ve known this would happen, but darn it, it infuriated me again. Damned if we, damned if we don’t. There’s no way out of it.

    We’re on a fixed income too now that my husband has retired. It’s clear at one point we’ll have to downsize to something much smaller and I’m sure others will too. Seniors and those on fixed incomes are hit time and time again. Shame on this government!

    • Paul November 30, 2013 at 6:13 pm #

      The gentleman who was on was Tom Adams. Very knowledgeable as it pertains to energy matters in Canada. He’s right about the fixed contracts and for some reason that defies logic , even with a surplus of power, 20 year contracts are continually being signed by this gov’t.
      What’s truly reprehensible, is that folks like you and your husband , plan and do things right only to have this gov’t pull the rug from under you, injecting an increased level of anxiety and that threatens to turn your world upside down. All for no good reason.


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