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Originally posted on Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc.:
Germany’s highest court has ruled against the owner of an Enercon wind turbine. Enercon is the largest producer of wind turbines in Germany and major supplier to many wind projects in Ontario. Owner of an Enercon wind turbine was successfully sued by a citizen’s group for making…

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Denmark (video): Wind Turbine Syndrome, a matter of bad prevention

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UK: Wind Companies cash in, reaping huge profits while families suffer blackouts

“In the past two weeks, as householders suffered power cuts, wind farms were paid £4.8million to switch off their turbines.” Energy firms cash in on storms by leaving wind turbines idle as some power companies boost takings by a THIRD Sam Greenhill, Rebecca Evans, Tim Shipman — Daily Mail (UK) — December 31, 2013 Figure […]

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Deconstruction of Simon Chapmans Nocebo Thesis

12 important things to know about wind farms, health and nocebo effects, by Simon Chapman Simon Chapman, the Australian misocapnist, posted a video lecture outlining his thoughts about wind turbines and health, titled “12 things you need to know about wind farms and health”. It’s more than 26 minutes long, and seemingly designed to bore the viewer […]

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Antarctic Climate Research Ship Photo Caption. Too good an opportunity to pass up.

It’s just too delightfully wonderful that Mother Nature is having the last laugh on these people.  So in the spirit of having a raucous good chuckle at this global warming fiasco, we thought a photo caption post was in order. By now, you must all be acquainted with the climate research team whose ship has […]

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The Antarctic ‘research’ fiasco – ‘would you, could you, in a boat’?

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
This will be a top “sticky” post for awhile since interest is high – new stories will appear below this one – Anthony UPDATE: Josh channels the boat people UPDATE2: Another irony is discovered, this one doubly deep.  See update 2 below. UPDATE3: see WUWT and Weatherbell help KUSI-TV…

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Wind farm endorsement blows past facts

Tip of the hat to our reader, Jerry, for this article. Joan Null, Larry Long, Glenn R. Schleede, Tom Stacy — Journal Gazette — October 2013 Heavily subsidized Ohio farm unlikely ever to be self-sufficient We are very concerned that the article about the Blue Creek Wind Farm, “Winds of change blow across Ohio” (Oct. […]

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Wind Power – It’s the Wrong Technology for our Future

Market Rasen Mail — December 30, 2013 Renewables – Nevermind the looks, do they work reliably and economically ?? Here are some clues- UK has 5,000+ wind turbines, on average they supply just 5% of our demand but they fluctuate between 13% and 0%. See what’s happening on the grid now- This is how […]

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Century-old photographs taken in Antarctica show *gasp* open water AND bare land!!

We’re all aware by now of the delightfully ironic story coming out of (Summertime) Antarctica, about the climate research ship that is stuck solid in thick ice.  Chinese, Russian and Australian icebreakers have turned back for fear of also getting caught in the grip of the ice sheets.  Apparently these climate researchers are there to […]

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If you think the OPG AG report showed how “badly gouged” Ontario consumers have been, just read what Hydro One is all about!!!

Originally posted on The Big Green Lie:
Kathleen Wynne aka Dalton McGuinty certainly have created a few CASH COWS for their pockets in their ruination of Ontario during their reign of financial terror. If you think the Auditor General’s Report on Ontario Power Generation was hard to swallow, then read on and see if you…

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Great letter to the editor advising caution before signing a wind turbine contract

Lewiston Sentinel — December 26, 2013 To the editor: On the surface, the concept of wind energy has a lot to offer: unlike outdated coal-burning sources of electricity, wind turbines produce no acid rain, and Pennsylvania is ground zero for acid rain. In their place – unpopulated locations with proven, consistent winds, such as deserts […]

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UK– Councils waste millions on ineffective wind turbines that will take 190 years to repay

Claire Carter — The Telegraph — December 26, 2013 Energy experts condemned use of small wind turbines after Telegraph reveals many are so inefficient they will never repay their value, costing taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds Councils are wasting millions of pounds on wind turbines that are not working or will take hundreds of […]

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Does This Mean Climate Change Hasn’t Happened, Yet? Still Waiting For The Doom!!!

Originally posted on suyts space:
Source is NCDC Above is a graph of the lower 48 states drought severity index.  The lower the index the worse the droughts are.  Trenberth has graced us with yet another study!  There’s some jewels in it.  Wouldn’t you know it, John Abraham covers it in the Guardian! Global warming…

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Summertime in the Antarctic and 70 people on board a tourist ship get stuck in the ice

Richard Shears — Daily Mail Online — December 25, 2013 There are 50 passengers and 20 crew stuck on board the Russian-built ship Nearest ship is two days away, 1,500 nautical miles from the tourist boat The ship is not in immediate danger and passengers are believed to be safe Tourists on board a cruise […]

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Global Warming Hysteria reaches new heights — We’ll all be dead by 2050

Unbelievably, the AGW crowd is upping their rhetoric just as more scientists around the world are not only coming forward to say that Anthropogenic Global Warming is a fraud, but that we are, in fact, entering a 30 year cooling period. In spite of the fact that all of their climate change computer models and […]

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