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UK Guardian Finally Admits The Truth About Wind Farms

Tory Aardvark

The UK Guardian has always pushed the Green meme about wind power being the cheapest form of energy in the long run, and what is more important it will allow Britain to meet the now conveniently forgotten carbon targets that once dominated the political landscape.

Us nasty climate change deniers have always maintained that wind power was no more than a heavily publicly subsidised monument to Green folly that provides very expensive intermittent energy supplies, creates no lasting real jobs and the production of wind turbines has created environmental catastrophes in countries like China.

With it being the Guardian a fair number of those that comment are outraged, in the way only a liberal mindset can be by the sheer heresy of the article and even more so that there is no mention anywhere of Climate Change, Global Warming or loss and damage.

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One Comment on “UK Guardian Finally Admits The Truth About Wind Farms”

  1. Albert Rogers January 1, 2015 at 11:22 pm #

    Above all, wind farms are useless and expensive.
    Nuclear energy is reliable and kills no birds, bats, nor fish. It is also inconspicuous. There is NO connection between the reality of global warming and the stupidity and cupidity of the wind farm proponents.
    Coal burning has got to stop, and gas burning is not clean enough.

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