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Green NGO – Public Bored And Disinterested By Climate Change Fear Stories


Tory Aardvark

As the Anthropogenic Global Warming boondoggle continues to collapse, the Greens and others complicit in the warming alarmist industry are busily looking for reasons for their failure to convince people of the validity of their message.

After more the 20 years of Mainstream Media outlets continually pumping out every bit of Green propaganda no matter how ludicrous, interest in the Global Warming has continued to decline, to the point where most people’s eyes glaze over at the mere mention of the topic.

The Climate Outreach and Information Network (COIN) based in Oxford specializes in propagating Green Fear stories, sometimes called climate change communication, and one of their co-founders George Marshall knows just how difficult it is to engage anyone in a discussion about the irrational fear of CO2:

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