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Sold Out by Spin — A Story of the Wind

Tip of the hat to Hoosac Wind Watch

Sold Out By Spin – A Story of the Wind©

12/16/13 by Noel Abbott

They came
to this quiet community
first the smooth talking
with their glib promises
of abundance
of how these machines
would save the world

The big lies
told with conviction
the big lies

Then the turbines
huge Industrial Machines

In between
a community divided
part of the plan

a war without guns
fought with the weapons
of treachery, lies, lobbyists, lawyers

No match for this armada
most small town boards
no time to make the wise long-term commitments
that their positions called for

To go to war with the very landowners
who may have built their towns
who have lived there for generations

“Harvest the Wind”
“Free Cash Crop”
“Save Your Farms”
“Free Money”
these seducers whispered

The the machines
went up
and turned the world black
for so many
a quiet town
now an industrial wasteland
for so many
Skies still bright
but darkness in the lives
of those affected

And the invaders
many from foreign lands
reaping tax benefits
from our hard-earned hands
without our consent
and often without our knowledge

No sleep
loss of concentration
personality change
anger, grief
Wind Turbine Syndrome

Too late, the mountains gone
skylines gone

Let’s stop this madness
wake up!!

I tell you this
this policy
driven by a triangle of bad laws-lobbyists-vested interest
Renewable Portfolio Standards (set by whom??)
and tax rebates is reaping the harvest
by raping the land

How could it be
that something so pervasive
is suicidal policy?

Look at war and ask the same question
Look for yourself
educate yourself
to the real facts
ask these questions:
Has one of these Industrial blights
ever meant the removal
of a single coal fired, oil fired, nuclear, or gas fired plant?

Time to wake up
“But we have to do something”
the critics and spin artists counter

If that something
is to drive yourself
off the edge of a cliff faster, stop!!

It takes courage
to admit
that something so widespread
is suicidal policy
but it is

Energy efficiency will help
more efficient grids will help
localizing power will help
changing the laws will help

End this useless suffering.




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