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British Energy Minister says scrap “Immoral” subsidies to wind power

From Stop These Things — December 18, 2013

In further proof that this scam is on its last legs the British Energy Minister, Michael Fallon has called for the obscene subsidies to wind power to be scrapped.

Here’s Utility Week on the trail.

‘Immoral’ subsidies to wind and solar need to be stopped
Utility Week
2 December 2013

“Immoral” subsidies for onshore windfarms and large scale solar farms should be scrapped “as soon as possible”, according to energy minister Michael Fallon.

Speaking at The Spectator’s energy conference in London, Fallon said “mature” renewable technologies, including onshore wind and large scale solar farms, should not receive government subsidies.

He added: “It is not right – it is immoral – for hard working, base rate tax payers to be lining the pockets of landowners by funding the development of large scale renewables that do not need further subsidy.”

Peter Atherton, analyst at Liberum Capital, also said changes need to be made to make UK energy policy more affordable for the taxpayer.  Continue reading here….

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