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Climate Change Science: A culture of egos, greed and cronyism

Ben Gaul — Liberty Voice — December 19, 2013

Foremost authority on climate change science and highest paid EPA employee John C. Beale, has been sentenced to 32 months in prison for his personal greed, enormous ego and the culture of cronyism which allowed him to get away with it. He lied to his employers and colleagues for almost ten years, telling them that his long absences were due his work with the CIA. During that time, Beale collected paychecks, bonuses and travel related reimbursements totaling almost $1 million. When initially pressed for a reason behind his decade long, very costly charade, Beale expressed only token remorse for seeking “the thrill.” It isn’t hard to imagine that Beale’s greatest remorse, is that he was eventually caught.

The population at large wants to believe Beale’s actions are isolated; unique and completely out of the norm. In singular scope and intent, they most probably are. It is hard to imagine theft and indolence on a scale to match what Beale accomplished, as even being possible. But that is not to say that a similar attitude of self-importance and hubris isn’t evident in many members of the climate change community. Climate change science has become the “cause celeb” of many political leaders, forcing them to seek the advice of its most vocal gurus. That has elevated the notables within the climate change community into “scientist rock-stars.” Many of whom have come to exhibit the egos which just seem to go along with all that notoriety.

Take for instance Dr. Kevin Trenberth; virtual Royalty within the climate change community, and arguably one of the brightest minds in the field. Trenberth – the primary author of all three IPCC climate change reports – is the winner of innumerable awards and citations. Plus several million in government grants. All of which revolve around his work in climate change science.

Dr. Keith Briffa, a Professor of Environmental Sciences and Deputy Director of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, once wrote a colleague saying that Trenberth was “extremely defensive” and likely to fight, if he is criticized about anything. According to Briffa, it’s because Trenberth “believes he is smarter” than anyone else, and sees himself as “virtually infallible.”   Continue reading full article here…..


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