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Solar and wind power = An Avian Death Sentence

Marita Noon — Odessa Online — December 19, 2013

Green energy, specifically solar and wind, has been sold to the American public as the answer to a host of crimes against the planet — but green energy commits its own crimes against the planet.

Hundreds of acres of photovoltaic solar panels confuse migratory water birds. They dive toward what they perceive are lakes — only to die from “blunt force trauma.” At the largest solar thermal plant in the world, Ivanpah, the 170,000 reflecting mirrors — designed to “superheat liquid in boilers” — literally fries feathers. Unable to fly, the injured birds drop out of the sky and die.

The birds being lured to their death by solar power plants may get a reprieve.

Friday, Dec. 13, was unlucky for the solar industry — but lucky for the birds. Giving official recognition of the threat solar power tower projects pose to wildlife, the California Energy Commission announced that it is “likely to deny approval to a major Riverside County solar power project that has been criticized for posing an unacceptable risk to birds and other wildlife.”

The bald and golden eagles aren’t so lucky.

The Friday before, Dec. 6, the Obama Administration announced an extension of the existing five-year eagle take permit.

Effective immediately, the new rule issued by the Department of Interior will grant 30-year permits allowing wind farms to “accidently kill federally protected eagles.”

Wind turbines chop up bald and golden eagles. If the DOE were to meet its 2030 goal of having 20 percent of the nation’s electricity generated from wind, the authors of a new study on bird collision mortality at wind facilities project: “a mean annual mortality estimate of roughly 1.4 million birds.”  Read full article here….solarik solarik

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