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See wind power for what it really is: expensive, intermittent, economic disaster


Ontario energy policies not based on cost-benefit analysis

This letter appears in today’s Ottawa Citizen from Parker Gallant. It was written in response to an opinion piece published by the Citizen last week, by Environmental Defence executive director Tim Gray, who made a number of claims including that wind and solar were being scapegoated for rising electricity bills in Ontario.
The letter is not available online at the time of posting.


Direction on energy

Re: stop making green power the scapegoat December 17

The time has come to recognize wind and solar power generation for what it really is: intermittent, expensive and economically disastrous for Ontario. Wind turbines produce power 29 per cent of the time at the wrong time of day an season, when we consume much less power. Would anyone purchase a product that only works 29 per cent of the time?
  It is interesting that…

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