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Global Warming Hysteria reaches new heights — We’ll all be dead by 2050

Unbelievably, the AGW crowd is upping their rhetoric just as more scientists around the world are not only coming forward to say that Anthropogenic Global Warming is a fraud, but that we are, in fact, entering a 30 year cooling period.

In spite of the fact that all of their climate change computer models and predictions have, so far, proven to be grossly over-exaggerated and flat out wrong, this latest one is a doozy.  “The earth will become completely unliveable and all of mankind faces total annihilation as early as 2050 (36 years away) as the temperatures on this planet soar by 3 degrees.”

You have to wonder if these people ever sleep.  Do they spend all night tossing and turning trying to come up with new fear-mongering propaganda?  Or do they really believe this nonsense and stay up all night worrying about it?  I mean, really, who could ever sleep with this kind of nonsense running through their head for hours on end?

And what about (God forbid) their poor children?  Do they tuck them into bed at night with wonderful children’s bedtime stories like, “Goldilocks and the Three Temperature Rise”, “Jack and The Carbon Footprint”, “Mother Goose Global Warming Rhymes”?  Those poor kids!!!  What manic depressive, bipolar adults they’re going to be when they grow up.  Is this not some form of child abuse?  You know that these kids are being bombarded every day, all day long with tales from their parents of how they’re going to be dead in a few decades.  One can only hope that these AGW fanatics sterilize themselves so as not to pass on their hysteria to another generation.

This article put out by OpEd (with sub-headers proclaiming that their site is “Progressive” “Tough” and “Liberal” — gee, what a shock) falls right in line with the Christmas Tree Extinction story that I posted a couple of weeks ago.  These people should just do the planet a favour and step off.  If they truly believe the garbage that they spew, and they’re really people of conviction, then just step off and help the earth by removing their carbon footprint entirely.  At some point, sanity has to return.   This frantic state of delirium displayed by the AGW crowd makes you wonder if there’s some type of mind-control going on, or are these people simply the end product of generations of drug users.  — DQ


Eric Zuesse — OEN OpEdNews.com — December 26, 2013


The many scientific links in  this comprehensive article about global warming , by Dahr Jamail, on December 22nd, make clear that climate change is accelerating, and that our planet will probably be unlivable by 2100, if not by 2050.

The best explanation of the process that’s occurring is in this link within one of those scientific links:  “The collapse of Arctic sea ice will change the reflective properties of the Arctic from 90% reflection of the sun’s rays to a 90% absorber of the sun’s energy. A vicious cycle of Arctic warming started between twenty and thirty years ago, when currents from the Atlantic and Pacific, warmed by greenhouse gases, carried their extra heat into the Arctic to initiate an accelerating decline in sea ice and increase in Arctic temperatures.”

The global warming that was previously predicted to occur within 2,000 years, is now predicted to occur within the lifetimes of some people who are alive even today.

This  article by Jamail  includes the following instructive timeline (with links provided there, to each of its scientific sources):

* Late 2007: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) announces that the planet will see a one degree Celsius temperature increase due to climate change by 2100.

* Late 2008: The Hadley Centre for Meteorological Research predicts a 2C increase by 2100. 

* Mid-2009: The U.N. Environment Programme predicts a 3.5C increase by 2100. Such an increase would remove habitat for human beings on this planet, as nearly all the plankton in the oceans would be destroyed, and associated temperature swings would kill off many land plants. Humans have never lived on a planet at 3.5C above baseline.

* October 2009: The Hadley Centre for Meteorological Research releases an updated prediction, suggesting a 4C temperature increase by 2060.  

Read full article here……

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2 Comments on “Global Warming Hysteria reaches new heights — We’ll all be dead by 2050”

  1. Archaeos Pteryx December 27, 2013 at 2:34 pm #

    of course we will all be dead by 2100 (and the neo-Nostradamus Jamail by 2050, by the looks of the age… Life is a b__ch and then you …Warm


  1. December – Articles and blogs. | shelliecorreia - April 10, 2014

    […] https://quixoteslaststand.com/2013/12/26/global-warming-hysteria-reaches-new-heights-well-all-be-dead…  Oh ya, the worlds is coming to an end…..again.  This poor old earth of ours, had died a million deaths.  But this time, they really mean it?  Ya….right.  Carry on,  and don’t give up your day job. […]

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