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Summertime in the Antarctic and 70 people on board a tourist ship get stuck in the ice

Richard Shears — Daily Mail Online — December 25, 2013

  • There are 50 passengers and 20 crew stuck on board the Russian-built ship
  • Nearest ship is two days away, 1,500 nautical miles from the tourist boat
  • The ship is not in immediate danger and passengers are believed to be safe

Tourists on board a cruise ship trapped in ice in Antarctica spent Christmas day consoling one another after learning that rescue was several days away.

The Russian-built ship, MV Akademik Shokalskiy, has about 50 passengers and 20 crew members on board but apart from frustrations all were said to be safe.

The ice-strengthened ship, built in 1982, was originally used for oceanographic research before being refurbished to be used as a passenger vessel in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Australia’s Maritime Safety Authority, which is now controlling the rescue operation, received a distress call early today saying that the vessel was trapped in thick ice and would need help to move.

Until rescue vessels arrive, it will not be known whether the passengers would have to be taken off the ship and moved out of the area on larger vessels.

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