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Does This Mean Climate Change Hasn’t Happened, Yet? Still Waiting For The Doom!!!

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Source is NCDC

Above is a graph of the lower 48 states drought severity index.  The lower the index the worse the droughts are. 

Trenberth has graced us with yet another study!  There’s some jewels in it.  Wouldn’t you know it, John Abraham covers it in the Guardian!

As per practice for the lunatics, the study, and thus how exactly they come to their conclusions are behind a pay-wall, so we can’t get to it.  But, we can get to some fun stuff!  But, first, let’s look at the obligatory hyperbole.  My bold …..

When scientists think about climate change, we often focus on long term trends and multi-year averages of various climate measures such as temperature, ocean heat, sea level, ocean acidity, and ice loss. But, what matters most in our day-to-day lives is extreme weather. If human-caused climate change leads to more extreme weather, it would make taking…

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